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FLUTTER is a short animated film about despair, hope and the power of love. FLUTTER ’s main character, Fleo, is trapped in a body that keeps him pinned to the ground. While others can defy the laws of gravity and fly freely above his head, Fleo can only watch from a distance. He is an outcast, destined to trudge through life. But desperation leads to innovation, and then to an unexpected discovery. With a pair of wings strapped to his back, Fleo’s first attempt at flying becomes a heart-stopping rescue mission. After saving the life of a helpless stranger, Fleo has to make a choice. Does he continue on his flight path, or does he go back to being “grounded”? Realizing that love and companionship are more powerful than the laws of gravity, Fleo embraces his impediment, and lets his heart do the soaring instead.

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