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1983            Diploma of Fine Arts, School of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
1989            Degree in Animation, Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

July 2016-   Writer/Director/ Designer

Present         Short Animated Film “Flutter”


June 2016-    Concept Artist

July  2016     Film “Bright”


Nov 2015-    Concept Artist/Designer

June 2016     Film “Ikaria”


Oct 2014-     Writer/Director/ Designer

Oct 2015       Short Animated Film “Flutter”


Sept 2014-    Character Designer/ Concept Artist

Oct  2014      Film “Sponge Bob Movie”


Feb  2014-   Character Designer/ Concept Artist
May 2014    Film “Through the Looking Glass”

Oct 2013-    Character Designer/ Concept Artist
Jan 2014      Film “Marwencol”
Oct 2012-    Author/ Illustrator 
Oct 2013     Untitled Book Project, Untitled animated short film
July 2012-    Character Designer/ Concept Artist
Oct  2012      Film “Theseus”
Mar 2012-    Character Designer/ Concept Artist
July 2012     Films “The Seventh Son”, “R.I.P.D”
April 2012-   Author/ Illustrator
Mar   2012    Book “Archipelago N.Y.”
Jan    2011-   Character Designer/ Concept Artist
April 2011     Film “Jack the Giant Slayer”
Jan 2010-     Character Designer/ Concept Artist
Jan  2011      Film “Yellow Submarine”
Jan 2009-     Character Designer/ Concept Artist
Jan 2010      Films “Mars Needs Moms”, “Alice in Wonderland”
Jan 2007-     Character Designer/ Concept Artist
Jan 2009      Film “Christmas Carol”
July 2006-    Author/ Illustrator
Jan  2007     Book “Oliver’s Tantrums”
June 2006-   Storyboard Artist
July  2006    Film “Eragon”
Jan   2005-    Author/ Illustrator
June 2006     Book “The Moon Rock”
Feb  2005-    Character Designer
July 2005      Film “Beowulf”
May 2004-    Character Designer
Jan   2005     Films “Old MacDonald’s Farm”, “Forgotten”, “Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”
April 2002-    Character Designer
April 2004     Film “The Polar Express”
Jan    2002-   Character Designer
April 2002     Film “Astroboy”
Oct  2001-    Storyboard Artist, Character Designer
Dec 2001      Film “The Chubbchubbs”
May 2001-   Concept Artist
Aug 2001     Sony Pictures Imageworks
                     Film “Astroboy”
Dec 2000-    Character Concept Artist
April 2001    Sony Pictures Imageworks
                    Film “Stuart Little 2”
May 2000-   Concept Artist/ Storyboard Artist
Nov 2000     Warner Bros/ Sony
                   Film “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”
Dec 1999-    Concept Artist/ Storyboard Artist
Feb  2000     Sony Pictures Imageworks
                    Short Film Project “Run”
Oct 1998-    Digital Character Animator
Oct 1999     Sony Pictures Imageworks
                    Film “Stuart Little”
Sept 1997-   Character Animator
July 1998     Uli Meyer Animation, UK
                     Film “Lost in Space”
Sept 1996-   Character Animator
Aug 1997    Warner Bros Feature Animation, UK
                    Film “The Quest for Camelot”
Aug 1995-    Character Animator
Aug 1996     Uli Meyer Animation, UK
                    Film ” Space Jam”
1993-            Character Animator
1995             Amblimation/ Universal Pictures, UK
                     Film “Balto”
1991-            Assistant Animator
1993             Amblimation/ Universal Pictures, UK
                      Film “We’re Back”
1990-            Assistant Animator
1991             Amblimation/ Universal Pictures, UK
                     Film “An American Tail – Fivel Goes West”

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