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Book Description

Fifty odd years after the Great Flood, Manhattan’s tallest buildings stand wretchedly half-drowned, surrounded by a vast, unending ocean of water. The world of bygone days obliterated. Long forgotten. Now, the city of New York is called the Archipelago, its former skyscrapers just a string of man-made islands. Dry land is non-existent. Or so they say.
Sixteen-year-old Flynn Perry was born in the slums of the Archipelago’s Lower Side. But he won’t spend the rest of his life in servitude, struggling to survive. Not if he can help it! Reckless and often selfish, Flynn’s got big plans for the future. Competing in the Archipelago’s Scavenger Trials is just the start. Winning the prestigious title of a Free Scavenger is his only chance of a better life on the Upper Side. When he has a run-in with the son of the Archipelago’s ruler, Flynn may not even make it to the Trials. Caught in the middle, torn between the two boys is the beautiful and feisty Madison Ray. She holds the key to making Flynn’s dreams come true - at a terrible price. 
Love, loss, betrayal and death flow with the tides that swirl around the Archipelago. Surviving these treacherous waters is only the beginning of Flynn’s journey as a Free Scavenger. But great achievement will mean nothing when the lives of loved ones are at stake. Is Flynn a follower or a leader? The choices he makes in the depths of the Archipelago will define Flynn and show the kind man he will be one day. 

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